Japanese financial giant Nomura profits from lack of fish

Japan’s list of environmental sins is growing. If it wasn’t already pushing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour by killing whales in the Southern Ocean and slaughtering dolphins in Taiji it
now seems that Japan’s industrial and financial giants want to get in on the act.
Mitsubishi have tried to corner the market by stockpiling 40% of the world’s supply of critically endangered bluefin tuna and now Nomura Securities Company appear to be doing similar with other overexploited fish and ‘seafood’ marine species.

As the world’s fisheries fail and demand for fish increases, Nomura hope to make a killing by creating the world’s first investment trust specifically targeting global ‘seafood’ and fisheries related businesses.
Please sign a petition to stop Nomura Inc. from investing in ocean extinction http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/stop-nomura39s-16-billion-ocean-raid/


  1. What will our grandchildren say about this? They will learn about such atrocities in history lessons with horror.
    Irresponsible corporate crime against our planet should not be tolerated, but while the world is placated and distracted with their new toys (iPads and such) they will never wake up.

  2. "Death is sad, even more sad to live unhappy.."
    OK, I used GoogleTranslate…but that is not a very good thing to say when it comes to the purposeful destruction of a global ecosystem for purely economic gains. What "happiness" can comeof that except to purely greedy, thoughtless, evil people?


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