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Campaign successes


people supported our campaign to end the hunting of dolphins and small whales


people supported our campaign to stop the slaughter of dolphins in EU waters


people supported our campaign to protect bluefin tuna in UK waters


Marine conservation news

The devastating trail supertrawlers leave behind

Have you heard of supertrawlers? There are currently eight Europe-registered supertrawlers licensed to fish in British waters. These are giant factory ships, usually over 100 metres in length, that can catch tonnes of fish, and whatever else is in their way, every day with their kilometre-long nets – for comparison, that’s three times the length of the Eiffel Tower.

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The harmful practices of trophy fishing

While much is talked about the impact of commercial fishing on fish populations and the ocean’s health, recreational and trophy fishing also play a role in contributing to marine biodiversity decline. These don’t usually get the same conservation spotlight as people might feel there are more pressing issues when it comes to protecting the oceans. Supertrawlers, illegal fishing, ghost nets… those are urgent matters which need attention and immediate action. However, when we look at fishing as a whole, there’s, unfortunately, more to worry about.

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