Hundreds of common dolphins killed by commercial fishing bycatch

Well over 300 mostly common dolphins have been recorded washed up dead on the Atlantic coast of England, France and Ireland in the first two months of 2017.

Credit: L’Observatoire PELAGIS
In each country the cause of death of many of these dolphins appears to be mid-water or pelagic trawling by fishing vessels operating off the coast. In France eighty-five percent of the dolphins examined were killed by fishing gear.
Credit: Sandy Alcorn
It is thought that only around eight percent of dolphins killed at sea by the nets of fishing vessels reach the shore. This suggests a possible massacre by the fishing industry across three EU countries of almost 3000 animals.
Credit: L’Observatoire PELAGIS
Even the most ardent defenders of the fishing industry must now concede that common dolphins are being slaughtered in totally unacceptable numbers.
It’s now time for action. We are calling for all pelagic fishing vessels operating in EU waters to carry an independent onboard observer to monitor bycatch and ensure quota compliance. 
Dolphin death reports: