Shark tournament corporate sponsorship collapses

We are pleased to announce that Blue Planet Society have succeeded in forcing almost all the major corporate sponsors of USA shark tournaments to withdraw their support from these competitive shark-killing events.

Major corporations that have stopped sponsoring shark tournaments at Blue Planet Society’s request.

AON, Astoria Bank, Budweiser, BASF, Foley Caterpillar, Goslings Rum, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Toyota and Royal Bank of Canada have all pulled out of shark tournament sponsorship at our request.

Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Garmin and Yamaha Outboards still sponsor fishing tournaments that kill sharks. Blue Planet Society will continue pressurising these corporations until they also withdraw their support for shark sportfishing.

Threatened mako shark at the South Jersey Shark Tournament. © Lewis Pugh.

Successfully targeting corporate sponsors is the first step in Blue Planet Society’s ongoing campaign to end catch-and-kill shark tournaments globally.

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