Saving sharks by targeting shark tournament sponsors

Threatened mako shark killed at a shark tournament in the USA

Blue Planet Society have been campaigning against shark tournaments for many years. Our first objective was to remove the funding that makes these events possible by targeting the corporate sponsors of fishing competitions that kill shark species.

In most cases this has now been achieved.

AON, Astoria Bank, Budweiser, BASF, Foley Caterpillar, Goslings Rum, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Samuel Adams Beer, Toyota, Royal Bank of Canada, West Marine, Vineyard Vines and Yamaha Outboards have all pulled out of shark tournament sponsorship at Blue Planet Society’s request.

Corporations that have cancelled shark tournament sponsorship at Blue Planet Society’s request

Successfully targeting shark tournament corporate sponsors is the first step in Blue Planet Society’s ongoing campaign to end catch-and-kill shark tournaments globally. Without corporate sponsorship there is no prize money. Without prize money there is no incentive to kill sharks.

Shark numbers are in precipitous decline globally – the days of killing sharks for entertainment are over.

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