Faroe Govt. act after dolphin massacre outrage

International outrage over the butchering of nearly 1,500 dolphins in a single evening has prompted the Faroe Islands government to launch a review.

In a statement, Faroe Islands Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen said:
‘We take this matter very seriously.’

‘We will be looking closely at the dolphin hunts, and what part they should play in Faroese society.’

‘The government has decided to start an evaluation of the regulations on the catching of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.’

John Hourston of Blue Planet Society said the review is a ‘step in the right direction.’

‘I genuinely think we’ll hear an announcement in the coming weeks saying they are going to stop killing white-sided dolphins.’

‘They’re not culturally important to them, they’re not a historic part of their diet, there’s no need to kill them.’

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