Campaigning for the ocean

Blue Planet Society has been successfully campaigning for over 20 years, building a community of 1.5 million people. We work with like-minded marine activists spread across the world and linked by the social web. 

We are committed to key marine issues that will have a pivotal impact on the future of the ocean, including:

  • Industrial fishing
  • Bycatch, including dolphin bycatch
  • Deep sea mining
  • Whaling and the hunting of small whales and dolphins
  • Shark & billfish tournaments
  • Sportfishing for threatened species
  • Protecting bluefin tuna in UK waters
  • Recognising marine life as wildlife
  • Marine plastic pollution
  • Seabird decline
  • Coastal disturbance

Live petitions

Stop the hunt of dolphins and small whales

Stop the mass slaughter of dolphins by the fishing industry in EU waters

Protect bluefin tuna in UK waters

Stop Deep Sea Mining

Stop awarding weight-based world records for fish species threatened with extinction

End shark tournaments