Robert Plant pulls out of Faroe festival due to whale and dolphin cruelty


Saving Grace ft. Robert Plant and Suzi Dian have pulled out of G! Festival in the Faroe Islands this summer due to the ongoing slaughter of pilot whales and white-sided dolphins in that country.

In a statement on their Facebook page G! Fest organisers said today –

‘Today G! Festival must announce the cancelation of Saving Grace ft. Robert Plant & Suzi Dian.

The band was scheduled to perform Saturday, July 18th, but have now pulled out, due to Robert Plant receiving negative publicity/pressure from environmental conservation organization Blue Planet Society concerning the Faroese pilot whale drive known as the “grind”.’

G! Festival Managing Director Sigvør Laksá added “This is a severe blow for the festival, which forces us to rethink our approach in producing the G! Festival”.

Last year Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi and American rapper Princess Nokia also cancelled their appearance at G! Festival and Fatboy Slim donated his entire fee from the event to marine conservation causes after Blue Planet Society highlighted the appalling cruelty associated with the grindadráp in the Faroe Islands.

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