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Whales are vital to planet ocean, so why are three countries so committed to their slaughter?

Fin whales are second only to gargantuan blue whales, they are some of the largest animals in the world. They were also one of the first cetacean species to be added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Red List of Threatened Species, where they are classed as vulnerable to extinction. And this year, in Iceland’s waters, 128 of them will be shot and killed with explosive harpoons.


New studies suggest, once and for all, that fish do feel pain

For some of us, the answer to the question if fish feel pain is an obvious yes. But alas, not everyone agrees. And in a world where at least a trillion fish are killed for human consumption each year, this question matters.

Phil Halper, lead researcher on the issue explains that fish have pain receptors and debunks the myths of fish pain sceptics. Fish really do feel pain. They do suffer.


The devastating trail supertrawlers leave behind

Have you heard of supertrawlers? There are currently eight Europe-registered supertrawlers licensed to fish in British waters. These are giant factory ships, usually over 100 metres in length, that can catch tonnes of fish, and whatever else is in their way, every day with their kilometre-long nets – for comparison, that’s three times the length of the Eiffel Tower.